Polymer materials for your cabinets | Ateliers Jacob

Polyethylene Cabinets


Polyethylene (PET) is a matte or glossy product from the polymer family. The design of the panels is carried out by nanotechnology. This process can repair minor scratches and be anti-fingerprint. This product is ideal when it comes to a robust price at an affordable price.


Easy maintenance

Solidity, Sustainability

Respect of the environment

Scratch resistance


Available door models: Shaker 5 pcs, Flat (urban) 

PUR GLUE Glued Edge Strip


Temperature sensitive

Imperfections more visible than materials with patterns

Acrylic Cabinets


Acrylic is a material made from pine particles or fibers which is then coated with a glossy acrylic film. The addition of acrylic doors in a kitchen or a bathroom allows the search for a contemporary, urban and zen style.


Easy to maintain


UV Resistance

Excellent value for money


Single door model: Flat (urban)

Vulnerability to scratches

Vulnerability to water damage and other liquids.